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Research Focus: Collective Reflexivity {in} and {through} Design

My research covers an interdisciplinary area between architecture and urban design, participation and digital spatial media. The two main and complementary focus points are exploring and enabling bottom-up participation {in} and {through} reflexive research and design practices.

Bottom-up reflexivity {in} design: This research area frames urban and architectural design as an open learning process which involves understanding how diverse everyday users locate and appropriate existing collective spaces and make creative interactions. It integrates research, development and real world testing of collective action and agile strategies to support sustainable ways of self-organization and bottom-up learning. Examples of these are digital spatial media such as crowdsourcing platforms, ICT-enabled collective and counter mapping practices as well as social-geographic web (Geoweb 2.0) environments that augment design learning.

Bottom-up reflexivity {through} design: This area looks at everyday life as a site for transformative spatial practice and explores alternative ways for enabling reflexive and empowering participation modes through design. It involves recognizing and creating spatial qualities that enable the users to shape and reshape their own living environments. Some of the key design concepts are superdiversity, open form, dynamic program, adaptability, spontaneity, looseness and polyvalence.

Research Projects

INCUBATORS: Three-year Large Scale International Project - Living Labs in Brussels, London and Turin

(Managing / Promoting together with Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeke)

Urban Europe is a joint project with University College London, Politecnico di Torino, Innovation Service Network GmbH, Neurovation, City of Torino, KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture

Three Year Postdoctoral Prospective Research Project Grant (Budget: 200.000 EUR)
Brussels Capital Regional Government Type A Research Grant for Accomplished Researchers

“Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Urban Development Projects for the Brussels Region”

International Exchange PhD Researcher Grant (Budget: ~10.000EUR)

Texas A&M University Visualization Lab (granted by the Istanbul Technical University)

Conference Scientific Committee
Design, Social Media and Technology to Foster Civic Self-Organisation Conference
. Hasselt, Belgium:University of Hasselt, 2015

eCAADe 2015 Conference, Vienna TU
eCAADe 2014 Conference, Newcastle Univesity, 
eCAADe 2013 Conference
, Delft TU, 2013

eCAADe 2012 Conference, Prague TU, 2013

Knowing by Designing International Conference, Brussels, 2013

Communicating by Design International Conference, Brussels, 2009

Fragile International Student Conference, Brussels, 2011

Seminar Organizations

Digital Design Days Conference 2003, Digital Design Days Conference 2004 , Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture >> Website

Istanbul Fragmented International Conference 2005 , Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture >> Website

Conference of European Schools for Advanced Engineering Education and Research 2004, Istanbul Technical University >> Website

Workshop Organizations

Experiments in Paperless Media, 2005 Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Arzu Erdem)

PG.W Workshop, 2004, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Arzu Erdem) - The use of Polygon Modeling in Architectural Design >> Overview

Fractal Workshop, 2004, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Arzu Erdem) - Designing Spaces using Fractal Algorithms, L-Systems

Cocoon Workshop, 2004, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Arzu Erdem) - CAD CAM / Integrated Methods and Approaches in Architectural Design

Virtual Museum Project, 2003, Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Ozan Ozener and Arzu Erdem) - Designing Virtual Architecture

da351, 2002, Liquified being of space,Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, (with Ozan Ozener and Arzu Erdem) - Experimental Animated Form Generation Using Predefined Algorithms

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