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Research Grants

INCUBATORS: Three year Large Scale International Project - Living Labs in Brussels, London and Turin

(Managing / Promoting together with Prof. Dr. Johan Verbeke)

Urban Europe is a joint project with University College London, Politecnico di Torino, Innovation Service Network GmbH, Neurovation, City of Torino, KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture

Three Year Postdoctoral Prospective Research Project Grant (Budget: 200.000 EUR)
Brussels Capital Regional Government Type A Research Grant for Accomplished Researchers

“Analysis and Evaluation of Alternative Urban Development Projects for the Brussels Region”

International Exchange PhD Researcher Grant (Budget: ~10.000EUR)
Texas A&M University Visualization Lab (granted by the Istanbul Technical University)

Architecture/Urban Design

Izmit Intersection Node Urban Design Competition - Honorary Mention

(with Ipek Yürekli (lead), Arda Inceoglu (lead), Deniz Aslan, Sevince Bayrak, Oral Göktas)
Organized by Municipality of Izmit, Turkey, September 2004

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